The Good Album (2013)


1: In Da Hood (by The Electric Party Pips)

2: The Donkey (by Bue Gundersen)

3: Pussy Got Balls (by EPP)

4: Eiffel (by Asger Thomsen)

5: Indie (by AT)

6: Dark Basix (by AT)

7: Bingo (by Martin Lau)


Niels Münster – Keyboards, Organ, Vocals
Martin Lau – Sitar, Guitar, Vocals
Asger Thomsen – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Bue Gundersen – Drums, Vocals

Malwina Kolodziejczyk & Emil Vodder – Saxophones on Eiffel and Indie

Mix, Mastering: Bue Gundersen

Artwork: Asger Thomsen